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I am a wedding and event photographer based in Southampton shooting at weddings and events for over 10 years. I have also been shooting with groups I have been associated with or a member of. Those photos have then used for publicity on the web, flyers, posters, the local newspaper and even on the side of the local buses.

Commonly used phrases such as 'unobtrusive', 'informal style' and 'passion for photography' are all over the majority of the websites you see. So the question is what do I offer thats different?

Where I differ is that I capture the spirit and atmosphere of the occasion each picture adding to the story of the event. People relaxing being themselves, and catching that defining interaction of a moment. For this you need more than just technical competence in the capturing of an image, the emotion must be there else you may as well just randomly point your camera and press the button.  

Many photographers have had no training in wedding photography and are professionals. But I wanted to offer something special so I gained a diploma in wedding photography from Barrett and Coe, one of the country's leading photography franchises. I'm also pleased to say that I achieved the top grade on this course that is accredited by the Master Photographers Association and British Institute of Professional Photographers.

So take a look around and I hope you like what you see. If you want to know more then you can contact me through the website, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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